Its difficult to digest how much turmoil the world is in – right now more than ever before. Its difficult to avoid despair when people like Donald Trump are being given mounds of power.
Journalism has many faces. For many it’s a misleading, biased, fount of propaganda –  conflicting with its intital purpose of neutrally informing the public. Writers have faced a great challenge to gain credibility in a media world that is turbulent and at times corrupt. How discouraging must it be, then, when Trump sends them back to the start with his take on “fake news”. It’s laughable that the president thinks that you can grant any negative press as false, if only it were that easy in general terms. “He said I didny buy the last round? Bullshit mate.” “What do you mean, ‘I’m a Hearts fan’? Lot a fuckin nonsense”

I’ve tried to avoid writing about Trump for a few reasons and I keep correcting myself. One, does he really deserve the attention? Well, aye he does. He’s destroying America n maybe potentially the world, the guy has to be held to account. Another thing was that I feel like he’s almost becoming a bit of an old joke, like a dodgy cliché. I can’t help but feel like maybe everything that can be said about Trump has already been said, and that he’s an almost ‘overdone’ topic. But then again, it feels like every day you wake up and the guys done something else. Even at that, all we know is what’s getting reported. Who knows what else he’s up to that’s falling through the net. I don’t know. Can holding an ignorant facist to account really become ‘overdone’???

I’m not entirely sure where I’m trying to go with this. I think what I’m trying to say, is that right now we need writing more than ever. Not just writing, but voices. It can seem hopeless when we’re constantly calling out wrong actions and identifying injustice in our own country and beyond and nothings being done. But that doesn’t mean we should give up, it sounds so cliché man but its dead easy to be like “¯\_(ツ)_/¯, we’ve tried, nobodys listening, just let the hatred, discrimination and criminalisation unfold – we’ve done our bit” but nooooo. I’m not claiming to be a writer of any considerable credibility or influence but I don’t have to be, none of us do. I think we all have to sort a band together n oppose, not just Trump, but people in power everywhere who try to monopolise the media in addition to their existing wealth of power (and money lol). Even people closer to home man, people in Holyrood and Westminster passing through policies impacting the people most vulnerable, Start wee and build big, it’s too easy to just be like “doesny affect us, not even from America”, but look on ur own doorstep! There’s people losing their homes because of policies like the Bedroom Tax n innocent people getting lifted watching the football at the weekend under flawed legislation like the OBFA (the chances of which you will have heard of either in the news is unlikely.) Nobody should have the approach that “if it doesn’t affect you it doesn’t matter”, which is what most of us are like when it comes to the situation in America. But if that’s the position you find yourself in, look at what’s happening in your own country. Start opposing injustice in your own country and community and build big. Corruption and prejudice aren’t one-state problems, and that’s what the danger is with people like Trump. These dangers are normalised by people with his influence, spreading the problem across nations and causing divisions across race and social class and gender all across the world. Lets not be scared of fighting oppression by the threat of your voice being lost in the void or “fake news”, the battle against the dodgy like Trump and other questionable word leaders can start on your own wee doorstep. Pipe up!



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