Right I feel like I need to explain why I’ve decided to write this because I fear sounding as if I think that I am Ghandi otherwise. I’m really interested in the way humans function and the way the brain operates, and a few nights ago I watched a video about human nature and why we don’t always do the things that we want to do. It sucked me right in and I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it and putting it into perspective in my own life. So before I drive myself insane I thought a blog post was a good outlet.

Colossal disclaimer: I don’t think I’m a motivational speaker the following is just me thinking out loud and it is probably a riot and I am definitely not Ghandi.

The question that the video I mentioned before sorta focused on was why are we never entirely certain in our decisions? Why do we always look back and think about how we could have/should have done things differently? I think this does all come back to our mindset in a sense, and that the voices in our head direct us in strange ways. But is there a way of silencing those voices that tell us our instinct just wasn’t right in a certain situation? We could drive ourselves insane thinking about how we could have done things differently etc but I think we overcomplicate it a bit. I think a good way of doing that is like replacing the “what if’s” with “I’ll give it a go” (for want of a better phrase). For example, like if you’re in a job you really don’t like and you see a vacancy somewhere but don’t get round to applying. It would be really easy to dwell on the fact you missed out and are still in the same monotonous job, but what good is that doing? Instead of dwelling on it, why don’t we just go back and check if there’s any other similar vacancies, or just ask if they’ll consider your application anyway? Or the problem could lie with other humans. Like if you don’t like the way a friendship has ended, or you feel like you were rude to somebody one day, or you feel like you didn’t pursue an interest that you had in someone like you should have. Why don’t we just speak to them? The point I’m trying to make is that I think we as humans overcomplicate things. If you’re unhappy about something, make it known and if you are happy about something, tell the world. If you feel like you missed an opportunity, go back to it and try it again. If you hate your job, find a new one. Humans are cool and our brains are class, but the reason we have most of the issues that we do is because we don’t know how to put our brains to use and communicate. Things really are so much easier if you just say “I’m sorry I handled that situation bad” or “I regret my actions” or “I missed the deadline can you still consider me”. I think we find it easier just to keep stuff to ourselves and say we’re fine and deal with stuff on our own accord when really we’re up all night wound up about work or friends or relationships.  What have we all got to lose *if I had emojis on this I would insert the one which is crying and its eyes are streaming but I don’t but you get the jist*

I am absolutely awful at taking my own advice and maybe one day I’ll listen to myself, but I think that’s how we all lose confidence in our sense of self direction. Because instead of trying and sorting and fixing its easier to just say that you’re fine and accept your problems and let them burden you. I read somewhere that the chances of you being born in the exact time, date and place that you were with the exact genes that you have are something like 1 in 400 billion. How class is that?! Like there is only one exact version of you in every sense of the world and without sounding like a tiny walking cliché, why are we all sitting about thinking what if and and passing by on new opportunities and not revisiting old ones and keeping ourselves to ourselves and driving ourselves up the pole when we are that tiny 1 in 400 billion?? Surely that’s something worth thinking about!


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