Oppression. What do women owe the world? It is instilled into us from a young age that finding yourself in financial debt is dangerous and scary. We are advised to avoid borrowing large sums of money, cautioned about high interest rates and told to steer clear of store credit cards. However, the real tragic debt is the alleged debt of women. There is a growing perception that the women of the world owe the world something more than money. Their bodies, their identities, their ideas. In a society were the male is still often recognised as the “breadwinner” it still appears to be the women that find themselves trapped in the red at the hand of the rest of the world.

Bodies. At which point in the cycle of life did our bodies change from being ours to being objects owed out to men? So our skirt might be short and our shoulders might be bare so this means that we owe you compensation. That we have to pay for revealing our skin to men who can’t control their thoughts. Even in schools we are cautioned about the clothes we should wear, a place were you are meant to feel protected and safe yet are warned to dress with care so to avoid the distraction and tempting of the deluded who think they have rights to your body.

Advertisement. Companies are tactical with the presentation of their products making them seem appealing to the consumer. When did the body of the female become a crucial component in the sales of food and drink and clothing? These products are of disposable use and to correlate this with the temple of the female body is objectification. Food and drink are easily accessed and can be consumed by all – our body isn’t of the same nature and it isn’t owed to the consumer, sucked in by advertisements covered in the chests and legs of a female.

Identity. Women are slotted into categories. Straight/Gay/Bisexual, Virgin/Slut. But why do we have to confine ourselves into restrictive categories? So we can be categorised by appeal or fetish by the society which so desires the capital of our autonomy? It is ironic how we are quick to be slotted into these labels by men who think they can be the one person to change it all for say a virgin or a lesbian, but these same people do not hesitate to use terms like slut as a weapon against females who don’t comply with their deluded ideas about what is owed to them by women.

Liberty. What does the world owe women? The world owes women the right for all to vote equally in Britain. It owes the mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers to their children. It owes women many of the engineers and mechanics in World War 1 and 2 and it owes them their roles in conflicts not just on the battlefield but closer to home. The world should admire with pride the strong role of the woman in the accountability this damaging society. It should never be forgotten that when the bailiffs of such an oppressive and intimidating society come knocking, claiming a tab has been run up for your body and your identity, that the worth of your self is priceless and it is owed to nobody but yourself.


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